Green Packaging

We are constantly sourcing new Green options for our clients. We have several options including Printed card Wallets, Digifiles, Digifix, Replay CD Walets and Amaray Bio Boxes
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Replay CD Wallets
The RePlay dual slot recycled CD wallet is a great alternative to the plastic jewel case. Each RePlay recycled cd case comes with two slots for two CDs / DVDs or a single disc and liner notes.
Our ReSleeve is revolutionary! ReSleeve is made of a rigid 400 micron recycled bending chip board and has a round die-cut hole in the center to view the front of the disc. The back is solid, embossed with the message "ReSleeve 100% Recycled". ReSleeve is made from 100% Recycled, FSC Certified Chipboard (85% Post-Consumer Recycled / 15% Post-Industrial Recycled). Our recycled CD case is great for storing anything on disc. ReSleeve can also be used as a mailing envelope for your CDs. Perfect for the Band or The Board Room. Now available with or without a view hole in the front. ReSleeves are Automated Packaging Grade compliant but can also be loaded by hand.

Available with
window, without window and double wallet.

These items can be purchased by following this link to our
retail website
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Protect the environment as well as your DVDs
There has been a lot of interest in Greener packing solutions from our customers, but being Green means very different things to different people, and is not helped by various wondrous claims, that often improve one aspect at an unacceptable cost to another.
Our new BioBox can use recycled PP, whilst at the same time controlling the risk of heavy metals and maintaining EN71 toy standards, to deliver safe products, fit for use by children. The case material can be recycled many times and is clearly marked with the correct recycling symbols.
We have changed the process to make the BioBox fully biodegradable in a landfill situation, whilst still remaining perfect on a consumers shelf for years if needed. Most importantly, we have added the biodegradable product benefit without reducing the ability to recycle the product in any way.

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JakeBox is a new, patented and award-winning eco friendly Swedish packaging concept for CD, DVD, BluRay and other discs. Its most significant characteristic is the folded "claw" that holds the disc, and in an eye-catching way unfolds itself, presenting the disc, lifting it up and making it easily accessible.

It's as eco friendly as it gets, made of 100% recyclable or even recycled carton board or paper, and always printed with vegetable inks. It weighs a third of the traditional plastic packaging, thereby cutting shipping and storage costs by more than half, and... it doesn't break if you drop.

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