Artwork Specifications

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Important Information:
File Types We Will Take:
PSD (flattened)
PDF (flattened)
TIF (flattened)
Any artwork text must be at least 3mm away from the bleed edge indicated by the dotted line.
Artwork must be: Minimum
300 dpi (CMYK)

DVD Inlay and Booklet Specifications
DVD Inlay                                Total Image Size Should Be 279mm X 189mm
DVD                                          Total Image Size Should Be 246mm X 186mm
DVD Covercard                      Total Image Size Should Be 126mm X 186mm

CD Booklet and Inlay Specifications
Single Front Inlay                  Total Image Size Should Be 127mm X 126mm
Booklet Front Inlay                Total Image Size Should Be 248mm X 126mm
Tray Inlay                                Total Image Size Should Be 157mm X 124mm

If your total image size is not to the above specifications your artwork is not correct.
With 4 page booklets and double sided inlays please be sure to send 2 separate images
clearly marking “Outer” and Inner”

Colour Matching
We do not colour match for cd/dvd inlays and onbody print for in house jobs (up to 500) All jobs can expect a + or - 5% variance in colour for CMYK supplied artwork. Colour matching is only available for REPLICATION runs and requires PANTONE referenced specific colours.

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