Sending Your Master CD / CD-R

Please send your master CD or CD-R to us by post (registered delivery) To:
I Need Media (Riviera Multimedia Ltd)
Unit 32, Carrwood Road
Grange Lane Industrial Estate
Stairfoot, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S71 5AS

CD Master Notes (Please Read)
Master CD's must NOT be multisession.
(data/audio to be written to the CD-r and the disk closed in one session)
We require masters to be wriiten in DISK-AT-ONCE MODE (DAO).
Please be sure your CD master has been checked for errors / glitches
as no checks are undertaken on your master before the duplication/replication process.
All CD Masters (CONTENT) will be stored by Riviera Multimedia Ltd unless otherwise instructed.

Red Book ( Audio CD Standard)
If you are creating an audio CD - you must keep to the following standards:
Redbook Audio Specifications:
1. Maximum playing time is 78 minutes (including pauses)
2. Minimum duration for a track is 4 seconds
3. Maximum number of tracks is 99
4. Maximum number of index points (subdivisions of a track) is 99 with no maximum time limit
Please ensure your master is on a CD-R NOT a CD-RW

CD-R Audio Duplication
We do not accept CD Audio masters created on standalone Audio Recorders on Audio Disks.
We have found these discs to be incompatible at times with the duplication/replication process.
These disks must be remastered and checked. We can do this at a cost of £25 plus VAT per master.

Audio masters CREATED on a PC or MAC are acceptable. We require masters to be wriiten in DISK-AT-ONCE MODE (DAO).
We do not guarantee that all duplicated CD-R disks will work in all CD players. Car CD players in particular may tend to reject certain CD-R duplicated disks.
To combat this we sugest that you take delivery of a test disk before committing to a large CD-R run.
Riviera Multimedia take NO responsibility for data/audio errors on replicated CD's should your master contain errors.

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