Blu Ray Replication

  We offer a professional Blu Ray Replication service with a complete manufacturing process from in-house Mastering, BD25 and BD50nbsp; replication and automated Packaging with Philips certification for BD 50 ( Blu Ray double layer) . Please call one of our account managers to help you through the process of your Blu Ray Replication.

1. Where does the name “Blu-ray” come from?
The term Blu-ray refers to the blue laser used for this format, unlike the red laser used for CDs and DVDs. The “e” was removed from “blue” for the trademark. The full name of the new format is “Blu-ray Disc”, often abbreviated to BD. There are two Blu-ray formats:
• BD 25 ( single layer)
• BD 50 ( double layer)
2. What is the difference between a DVD and a Blu-ray?
The main difference lies with the laser which records information: the laser used for DVDs is red, while that used for BD is blue. Below is a table comparing the 2 formats :
3. Why are images better in BD than DVD?
Because the image resolution is better with Blu-ray the resolution is 1920 x 1080, where as on DVD, it is 720 x 576.
4. Is audio better with Blu- ray?
Of course! Blu- ray can handle up to 32 audio flows, ranging from stereo to multi-channel 7.1 surround. With DVD, audio is Dolby Surround 5.1.
5. Why is Blu-ray called “interactive”?
With de Blu-ray, you can consult contextual menus without stopping the film, that you are currently watching, and then choose new viewing options, or download interactive content directly from internet (sub titles, director’s commentary, etc…).
6. Does Blu-ray use region codes?
Yes, Blu-ray can be assigned region codes, but this is not mandatory. It is the publisher who decides whether to assign a zone to a Blu-ray title. 3 zones have been defined:
Zone A: The Americas, Korea, Japan, South East Asia
Zone B: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand
Zone C: Russia, India, China, rest of the world.
7. What video compression formats are used for BD?
Compression codec used for Blu-ray are: MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC, and VC-1
8. Is there anti-copy protection for BD?
There are three anti-copy protections for Blu-ray:
- AACS protection ( Advences Access Content System).
- BD-Rom Mark protection. Both are mandatory
- BD + protection being optional.

In order to manufacture Blu-Ray disc with Riviera, the following documents are needed
• ACCS Licensee ID (section 1)
• A copy of your BDA CPA Light agreement or BDA LLA agreement (section 2, 3 and 4)
• FDPI document
1. AACS (Advanced Access Content System)
As set in the Blu-ray Disc Specifications it is mandatory for each BD Disc to be AACS protected.
Therefore all content owners are obliged to sign a „Content Participant Agreement” or
“Content Provider Agreement” with the AACS LA.
AACS is the compulsory copy control for all BD titles and therefore before a BD title can be processed, the content provider must first sign the
AACS licence agreement and pay a once off fee of USD$3,000
The licensing agreements can be found under the following link:
AACS LA can also be contacted under the following contact details:
AACS Administration
3855 SW 153rd Drive
Beaverton, Oregon 97006 USA
Phone: +1-503-619-0863
Fax: +1-503-644-6708

When AACS receives the faxed or emailed copy of the Agreement they review it for completeness and issue an invoice. AACS accept Wire
Transfer or Cheque and bank information will be available on the invoice. AACS must receive your payment before it can execute the
Agreement and issue your Licensee ID.
Additionally, the following costs apply to every title :
• AACS Per Master Fee* – (additional to mastering, replication, AACS Fees) : 1200
• AACS Per Disc Fee (additional to mastering, replication, AACS Fees) : 0,03
2. BDA
In order to use Blu-ray Logo and RPC logos, customers must sign one of the 2 different agreements :
• Blu-ray Disc Association Content Provider Agreement (BDA CPA – Light)
CPA light is the one recommended for our content providers.
• Fee : US$500 (Annual Fee)
• Term : 5 years
• Rights :
- Usage of BD Logo
- Usage of BD-ROM Region Playback Control (RPC) scheme and RPC Logo
• Obligation :
- Region coded media shall not be further replicated for such countries after the expiration of such period; 12 months after such
media was replicated for the first time. This means that any re-orders printed after the 12 months since the first production of
the title are required to have RPC removed and a new master produced. This also requires a new application of AACS to the disc.
• BDA LLA (free)
• Rights : Usage of BD Logo
How to get a BDA Licence
For Agreement Forms BDA Membership and for further details and to download agreements please go to weblink:
1 - Click: License Applications
3 - Click: CPA Light or LLA (on left hand side of screen)
4 - Download either PDF or Word form of License application document.
Fill-in and fax or email to: +1-818-763-9027

Single and Dual Region Playback
If the content provider requires single OR dual region playability then they must display the appropriate logo on their art-
work. (Examples to left). If they do want to display the RPC logo then the content provider is required to sign the BDA CPA
Light agreement and provide a copy to Riviera.
All Region Playback
If content provider wishes that product is playable in all regions, “All Region Playback functionality”, they can choose either
to display the All region Playback logo or not. If they do want to display the logo, they are required to sign the BDA CPA Light
agreement and provide copy to Riviera. Discs must then be checked to confirm that All Regional Playback is actually on the disc.
Example : If content provider requires RPC for regions A & B then all artwork must display clearly the logo as seen to left.
For more info :
4. Blu-ray Logo download and Use
Content providers who wish to use the Blu-ray Logo on any other items except for those produced Riviera (disc, packaging, inlay sheets,
booklets etc) must first sign the BDA CPA light agreement or the BD LLA. See section 2.
For directions on how to use the Blu-ray Logo correctly, please download the document from the following link:
5. IPR Form Document
To produce a Blu-Ray disc, you have to submit us this IPR Form document duly filled.
Upon request, Riviera will give you this document or you can download it on our website to the following address :

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