DVD Business Card Replication

Click here for quotation     DVD Biz Cards are a very popular way of presenting your company information on a neat and compact little card. Our DVD Business Cards can hold a presentation of up to 1.2 Gb
Why Choose DVD Replication?
Many people use the terms DVD Duplication and DVD Replication interchangeably. However, they are actually two different processes.
Both are similar in that they are used to put data, video or audio onto a CD or DVD but that is where the similarities end. DVD Replication is
used for runs of 500 and over.
The Replication Process
With DVD Replication we use the sub-master (cd-r or dvd-r) to create a glass master which in turn allows a set of stampers to be made.
Injection-molding makes exact clones of the master, using the stampers. A coat of reflective aluminium is added then sealed with a
protective coat of lacquer hardened by ultraviolet light. After this the discs we send the discs through another process for the disc
label to be added. A process called offset printing is used to add the label which produces the highest quality print for replicated discs.
Offset printing is 175 lines per inch (vs. 85-135 lines per inch for silkscreen). The more lines per inch the better the quality.
Packaging Options:
Plastic Wallet
Printed card Wallet
Business Card Jewel Case

Please send your Biz Card Replication Master on a standard 5" DVD-R

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Business Card Onbody Artwork Templates

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