DVD Replication information

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Welcome to the I Need Media Website (part of Riviera Multimedia Ltd) which is dedicated to all your DVD Replication requirements with some of the best prices offered in the UK. We offer a start to finish service where we will work with you from the concept of your project through to the finished article. A dedicated account manager will be allocated to each client to ensure your project runs smoothly every step of the way. We will work closely with you to create the product and packaging that you require.
DVD Format
This format offers vast amounts of storage potential at a very reasonable cost.Compared to the 650 Mb capacity of CD-Rom, a 4.7 gigabytes
(GB) DVD-5 can offer dramatic efficiencies when it comes to storage. DVD-9 and DVD-10 allow approximately double the storage capacity
on a single disc.The DVD-Rom provides a format for bigger and better video games with added realism and richer content. A single DVD-5 disc
can replace the need for multi-disc CD-Rom releases.  The DVD-Rom can be read directly on a computer equipped with a DVD drive.
Our production capacity of 300,000 DVD-Roms per day means it can meet your demand within the tightest deadlines.

We also offer a professional service for
Mini DVD and DVD Business Cards, including all your packaging and bespoke packaging items.
DVD replication offers a lower per disc cost on quantities above 1000.
DVD replication offers 100% compatibility for audio, data and video DVDs.

What is the Difference Between Duplication & Replication?

Many people use the terms
duplication and replication interchangeably. However, they are actually two different processes. Both are similar in that they are used to put data, video or audio onto a DVD but that is where the similarities end. With replication we use the sub-master (dvd-r) to create a glass master which in turn allows a set of stampers to be made. Injection-molding makes exact clones of the master, using the stampers. A coat of reflective aluminium is added then sealed with a protective coat of lacquer hardened by ultraviolet light. After this the discs we send the discs through another process for the disc label to be added.
Duplication, refers to burning data or audio to a cd-r or dvd-r disk, with a cd or dvd writer. We use automatic duplicators (which duplicate up to 1,000 discs) Your master information is transferred onto the hard drive of the duplicator to ensure that every copy is an exact copy of the master. Duplicating is a more economical process for small runs of cd and dvd typically 50 - 500 copies.

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